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Central Valley Movement Building Organizing Institute

Organizing for Educational Justice to end the School to Prison Pipeline in the Central Valley and statewide.

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The Purpose of the CVMB Organizing Institute

Ending the school-to-prison pipeline requires a cadre of leaders/guides working with parents and youths to replace punitive schooling practices with restorative justice programs.

The CVMB Organizing Institute is to build the capacity and support the local community parents, youth, and members in movement-building organizing.

Political Education

CVMB  organizing and Political Education Training empowers community members to participate actively in grassroots movement building.

Community Building

CVMB organizing involves bringing together community members who share common goals and concerns to work towards achieving those goals.

Power Building

Political Education Training aims to give community members the knowledge and skills they need to become effective community leaders and build community powers

OUr grassroots movement building approach


The SNCC and Ella Baker Approach to Grassroots Organizing

The Central Valley Movement Organizing Institute is a community-based organization in California that aims to empower marginalized communities to become leaders in their own right. Our organizing approach is rooted in the SNCC and Ella Baker model of grassroots organizing, which emphasizes decentralization, community engagement, and leadership development. By providing training and resources to local organizers, the Institute seeks to build a strong and sustainable movement for social justice in the Central Valley region.

Central Valley Movement Building

The CVMB Organizing Institute is a partner within the Central Valley Movement Building, established in 2015 to strengthen and expand grassroots relationships that enhance and advocate for educational justice, police-free schools, and restorative justice.

Our Movement Building Partners

Covering Nine Counties in the Central Valley
Fresno, Kings, Merced, Madera,
Stanislaus, San Joaquin,
Tulare, Kern, South Sacramento County